An artist from Quebec, Zabel is self-taught and her only tools are spatulas. Zabel is an artist whose strives to share strong emotions with the viewer through interesting characters and textures. Emotion is the center of Zabel’s creations. The feelings of the present moment guide her in every part of the creation process. Guided by her spatulas, the colors and textures Zabel creates are a romantic universe, which she hopes the viewer projects themselves into.

Zabel explains in an artist statement that “my characters bring you back to the essentials of life: the present moment, love, happiness, and the importance to enjoy life.” Her tends to result in creating vibrant works with fun characters, romance, joy, life, energy, motion, tenderness and magic.

For many years, Zabel’s artworks have seduced Quebecers, allowing her to be worth much recognition. Zabel’s work can be found in galleries across Canada, Europe and the United States.