Robert P. Roy

Québecois artist Robert P. Roy was interested in drawing and painting from a very young age. Torn between art or science as a career choice, he decided on engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke. However, Robert continued to pursue his passion taking art lessons his studies at Sherbrooke. He also studied painting at McGill University, Concordia University and with independent teachers through intensive workshops. He soon went on to become widely recognized and win numerous awards. In 1995, he won first prize at the Concours d’Art de Pierrefonds and an honorable mention in 1997. He had his first solo gallery exhibition in 2005 and was named the 2006 Artist of the Year of the Kirkland Artists Association. In 2008, he won second prize at the prestigious art competition Rêves d’Automne in Baie St-Paul, Charlevoix, Qc. In 2010, he was selected to represent Québec in an artistic and cultural exchange with Spain called Couleurs Sur le Monde, part of the Rêves d’Automne artistic annual event. Robert also participates in art symposiums, and has been published in the Quebec Magazin Art.

Robert explains his inspiration and work in his artist statement: “Painting is an act which comes from the interior, of the heart. So, my painting is a continual effort of interpretation of the subject based on a play of balance between the three pillars of my research, which are color, form and movement. I move away from the faithful copy of the subject which, for me, limits the possibility of creating a personal work. I want to translate the subject according to my own language.