Megan Fitzgerald

Megan FitzGerald spent 5 years as an art teacher for children, an opportunity that enabled her to view the world with the same innocent spirit as the young artists she worked with. Through two years of fine art training in College and another 3 years in University, Megan worked to keep this curiosity and wonderment in every art piece she approached.
In 2015, she moved to Florence, Italy, deepening her artistic practice and exhibiting in the company of the renaissance masters and rolling hills of Tuscany. Together, the impressive landscapes and renowned figurative artworks that saturated the city began to seep into her artistic psyche. Returning to Montreal, Megan began a series of Tuscan landscape works, culminating in a sold-out solo exhibition and permanent gallery representation at Chase Art Gallery in Montreal.
Today, she continues to produce landscape and portrait paintings in her home studio as well as pursue other ventures such as public art installations, commissioned portraits and most recently, a self-curated exhibition that culminated in a silent auction for a local charity.