Lynn Garceau

Born in Grand-Mère, Quebec in 1960, Lynn Garceau was introduced to painting by her mother at a very young age. In 1992, she discovered that the spontaneous nature of watercolour was well suited to her personality. Lynn’s new interest quickly became a passion as she studied and worked with different well-known Quebec watercolorists. Today, she works mainly with acrylic, a medium she handles with the same ease and spontaneity as watercolour.

Lynn’s love for flowers and nature is evident in her work. Her acrylic paintings are often noted for its creamy consistencies, thick textures, three dimensional effect, and bright colours. Lynn’s paintings strive to insight a warm feeling in the viewer. To achieve this, Lynn applies a coat of red to the canvas, which she then paints over. For Lynn, red is designed to strike an emotional cord with the viewer as it signifies love, passion and warmth.