Ken Kirsch

An artist from Toronto, Ken Kirsch is a well known graphic artist and painter. Kirsch received his education in Graphic Design from Seneca College of Applied Arts in the late 1970s. He has since lead a successful career in Graphics and Advertising. Ken began a creative graphic design firm called ‘Pinpoint Design Studios’ shortly after finishing up school. However, in the early nineties, Ken merged his graphic business with Grey Canada International Advertising Agency, which has since allowed Ken to devote his passion for painting professionally.

Working with either oil or acrylic paint on stretched canvas, Ken paints the Canadian Landscape that he knows and loves. He paints in a unique realist-freehand style, and much of his work is often noted for its fine details. Ken has participated in well over 40 Art Show’s and Events in over 39 years, and has earned much acclaim with many newspaper articles, TV and Radio interviews. He has received the ‘Top 10 Artist’ at the prestigious Canadian McMichael Collection 2015 Annual Autumn Art Show in Kleinberg Ontario. Kenneth was also honoured in 2014 with a ‘Recognition of Distinction’ from the Alumni at his old school, Seneca College of Art and Design. His paintings may be seen in hundreds of fine art galleries and private art collections worldwide, at an ever increasing demand and price.