Holly Ann Friesen

Holly Ann Friesen is an artist based in Northwestern Ontario. She creates abstracted landscapes focusing on the sky, forest and water – and the space around these.

Her art practice involves taking familiar objects or scenes and creating something new while maintaining a connection to the original object. “The goal is to create an emotional connection to the subject by focusing on the negative space in my initial concept. I want the viewer to be able to access the unknown and discover the subject matter with a unique perspective.”

Holly Ann started her professional career as a scientific researcher in the field of genetics before turning to the arts, a field that required a great deal of creativity and examination of concepts in the abstract. She applies these concepts to her art practice where the subject matter is examined at a micro and macroscopic level leading to the overall imagery.

Holly Ann is also active as an art instructor. Holly owns and operates an art studio and gallery in her community, HAF| Art Studio & Gallery.