Harold Braul

A Toronto artist, Harold Barul paints ‘snapshot scenes’ from memory filtered through his imagination. Braul’s art strives to find beauty in mundane scenes, such as everyday commuters. His work depicts the reality of everyday life, and each character and setting is recalled from Barul’s memory that is veiled through his vision of urban existence. His characters are painted in bold colors against soft, seductive silhouettes.

Braul uses loose brushstrokes combined with his unique painting technique to create the diffusion of light and to highlight themes of motion and flux, which can represent an unfolding narrative. His depictions of mundane, simple scenes of city life are expressed through paint – a beautifully compiled mixture and contrast of light and colour.

Born in Southern Ontario, he found an interest in art at a young age. Throughout his schooling he became a faithful student of color, but never of imagination. As an adult, his skill sets evolved through his study of Industrial Design at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.