Gordon Stamper

My work is not an examination of any one thing. It is not influenced by any one thing. It may be more correct to say that it is influenced by everything, at least everything personally experienced to date.

It’s neither a question nor an attempt to be an answer. It is a response to the moment and to the effects of exposure to the continuous change in personal, social, political, and environmental issues. It’s my response to the intake of information and the increasing pace of change that comes with it.

Change affects change. Painting is not, for me, a diversion from change, but a response to change, an expression of what I feel and understand at the moment. It is an attempt to deal with and learn from change.

A line of wet paint is interrupted and distorted when it is applied over a previous layer and each subsequent layer responds to those changes. A streak of semitransparent paint breaks up over a layer and reveals new variations of colour and form. I can make a simple comparison to the smallest processes of genetics and the effect on individuals, family traits and ultimately on human evolution.

Each painting is simply a record of decisions, doubts and conclusions expressed through the application, editing and layering of paint within the limits of a bordered rectangular surface. As with all painting, it is intended to be a wallhanging. The final image is important. It is intended to be interesting and thought-provoking. It may begin as a predetermined image but, in the end, will be a product of change.

It is both an abstract self portrait and a personal landscape. It is fluid.