Geneviève Gauthier

As Geneviève Gauthier (Vigo) was born in Montreal in 1979. As a self-taught artist, Vigo crystallizes her vitality on the canvas through pearlescent paints, inks, Japanese papers, stencils, pastels, dried flowers… her mixed media technique is always in evolution with the use of new materials.

Through art she shapes the emotions of everyday life into positive energy. Her work takes the viewer to a world infused with colors that are a vibrant tribute to life itlself. The drippings and the flowers reminds us of time that seeps away too quickly, the very fragility of life. These drippings are also so many strings stretched towards the flowers. For Vigo, flowers are what life puts on our path. Sometimes an opportunity to seize, a moment to share. Other times people around us, precious memories or even an obstacle that stands before us. The vibrant colors and energy expressed in her work reminds us that we must live every moment fully.

Through her spontaneous creativity, the artist brings a reassuring comfort on the canvas of our lives. When eyes rest on one of her paintings and a smile illuminates a face there is a symbiosis of energy between the viewer and the work. As Vigo likes to say, Art that smiles at you is good for your soul