Cristina Del Sol

Cristina Del Sol grew up in a small rural city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she received formal art training from the National School of Fine Arts, completing a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours’ degree. In Canada she further her art education at “Toronto Art School”, in painting and drawing, continuing till today attending a number of professional development workshops to increase her skills and supporting her continuing growth as an artist.

She is an award-winning artist, with artwork featured in International books, juried art shows and contests. Her paintings are in private collections worldwide. She has exhibited in Canada, the U.S and Argentina, with artwork featured in International books.


I am an artist of the spirit, and of nature. For as long as I can remember I have had a discerning interest in the natural world and the animal kingdom. My diverse work stems from the farms, diverse landscapes, and beautiful animals I knew and loved as a child. I believe that being in nature is medicine for the soul, and so there is a very certain type of magic and energy about bringing the outside in using paint driven by the heart and intuition, it is a form of flight aiming to evoke deep emotion in the observer using color, form, curves, and variety of mediums such as acrylic, venetian plaster, dry pigments, oils, cold wax, charcoal, oil pastels, and collage.

When painting animals my intention is to depict their characters incorporating their majesty and sometimes humor. To be a catalyst for someone else to feel the heights of connection with our wild earth the way I do through my art is my highest honor and passion. I hope my images provide pleasure for your soul as well as your eyes.