Brian Porter

Graffiti and street artist, Brian Porter, has spent 15 years in major metropolitan cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo and parts of Japan & Indonesia – evolving his work. Porter’s mixed media paintings are a blend of pop culture, wildlife and explosive colour. His work has the unique texture and attraction of graffiti art portrays vivid portraits of well loved Canadian wildlife. A one of a kind style, Porter’s art has moved from street walls to large, bold canvases depicting animals against an abstract background.

Born in Cambridge, Ontario, Porter found interest with graffiti art as a child, which evolved into expressing and sketching his art with charcoal, aerosol, acrylic and oil paint. His talent with mixed media and passion to dabble in a variety of mediums has allowed his artistic works to make a statement in the contemporary art scene.

Porter’s environment, travels, life experiences and music have been a inspiration and motivation behind much of his art. As a graffiti artist, he also gets inspired
by the experience of painting for the public, and has been repeatedly invited to paint public, large scale murals. Porter’s work has won both public art prizes and competitions including Warner Brothers “The Watchmen” graffiti contest, and The Williams Mill Art Prize.