Bethany Williams

After graduating from Concordia Fine Arts with an Honours in Graphic Design, Bethany Williams worked for over 20 years as a graphic designer before committing all of her efforts to painting. After the success of her first solo show in 2011, she was inspired to pursue the passion. Bethany has joined the Project Art where she continues to explore and challenge her creative spirit.

Bethany’s work is in influenced by the landscape around her – the calm and serenity, the energy and movement, the light and ever changing hues. In her work, she attempts to simply the landscape into abstract shapes, textures and colours. Bethany’s aim is to capture a memory and recreate it without the details of representation. Her paintings endeavor to capture the moment in its purest form and render it timeless. Bethany’s paintings can be described as playful, sometimes whimsical, and memorable.

Bethany’s work can be found in collections in Canada and the United States and the UK. She is represented by galleries across Ontario and in Magog, Quebec.