Anita McComas

“Growing up in a small town in the pre-internet era, my childhood was spent working on my family’s small farm, riding horses and drawing. I particularly remember my summers as I would spend hours, days, weeks even, creating everything form stick sculptures to complex pencil drawings (oh yes- typical girl; almost always of horses). I always knew that art would be very much a part of who I was, but really never dreamed just how much it would shape my life.

In high school, I was voted “most artistic” in my graduating class, and of course when I went off to college, I picked a career that would come close to “artist” and decided to study graphic design. It never occurred to me to make “artist” my full-time career; after all, having grown up in a financially struggling family, there had to be a guaranteed income attached to becoming an “artist”. In the 1980’s graphic design was still about drawing and cutting straight lines. No computers were involved. Sadly, for me, this was not something that I could do; it was too confined, to perfect, so not me, so in order to graduate within the four years for which I received financial assistance, I moved into the Fashion Merchandising degree program, and received my BFA and began my career as a “buyer”